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Hunting at Hubers Lone Pine Lodge

Bear, Moose, Ducks, Grouse, & Geese

We offer the best black bear hunting in the Dryden, Ontario, Canada area. You can hunt over 320 square km of prime black bear country with over 50 baited tree stands, accessible by road, water or ATV.

Black Bear Hunting at Huber's Lodge

Our success rate the last 6 years has been over 80%. To ensure a high success rate, we book a maximum of 10 hunters per week, both bow and rifle hunters.

Baiting tree stands start at least 2 weeks before the hunters arrive, and re-baiting is done when necessary to maintain active stands. You will have the best and most experienced guides.

Ducks, Grouse, and Geese hunting: There are many local birds, mostly mallards and wood ducks, early in the season. As the weather gets colder, the northern mallards, geese and blue bills arrive in large flocks. Many pot hole lakes and large wild rice fields make the hunt very exciting. Grouse can be found along the many logging roads in the area. Please bring your own decoys.

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