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Moose Hunting Ontario

The moose hunt of legend is built around a misty marsh, a birchbark horn, and the mournful wail of a cow moose.

Moose hunting at Huber's Lone Pine LodgeThe moose hunt of legend is built around a misty marsh, a birchbark horn, and the mournful wail of a cow moose. The dream response is the soft grunt of an answering bull and a ticking of antlers on frozen branches. Stay still now. The giant of the boreal forest is headed your way. For many, the moose defines the ultimate big game hunting in North America.

Calling, although tremendously exciting, certainly isn’t the only way to hunt Ontario moose. You can slip up on them by paddling a canoe quietly along a creek, river, or lakeshore, or by stalking them in the bush. Watching and waiting patiently for moose in feeding areas, especially along the edges of remote marsh meadows (known as moose pastures), proves highly successful for hunters each season. Recent burns (2 to 5 years old) and forest cutovers can be rewarding, particularly if a browsing area or travel corridor is nearby.

Sometimes the best moose hunting occurs once snow has blanketed the ground. Depending on snow depth, hunting then can be physically and mentally exhausting, and the hunter should be in proper condition for this exercise. Few thrills compare with tracking and stalking moose as they travel a snow-clad landscape. When moose bed, they frequently criss-cross the wind and then button-hook back to watch their downwind trail. Hunters who track moose in snow can work as a team, with one following the trail and another hunter or two on the flanks of the tracker.

A well-placed shot will quickly down a moose. Because of the animal’s size, hunters choose heavy or magnum cartridges to minimize chances of wounding. Popular calibers for Ontario moose include the .270, .308, .30-06, and the .300 Winchester Magnum. Select a premium bullet weighing at least 150 grains that has the ability to penetrate thick hide, muscle, and bone.

We like to hunt our moose close to camp towards the end of Dinorwic Lake. The area we hunt has no road access and is just perfect for that trophy moose we are looking for. Unfortunately all our moose hunts are booked years in advance and you will have to consider a three to four year waiting period before you can hunt moose with us.


Bull Moose Hunt Rates

Housekeeping Package

Package Includes: 10 nights, 9 full days deluxe accommodations, air conditioning, satellite TV, boat, motor and 100L of gas weekly, export permit and transportation to taxidermist.



BULL HUNT – including guide …………….. $4,600 CDN

Not Including hunting license & HST.